TNR: Donald Trump Can’t Hack His Way Out of This Mess 1

Vox: "Smooth": 7 questions about the song you were too embarrassed to ask 2

Vox: Jimmy Kimmel asked Clinton to read Trump quotes with a straight face. She had to refuse one. 1

Vox: Poll: white people aren’t exactly woke, but they are now slightly less comatose about racism 2

Vox: Putin’s perverse win-win in the Olympic doping scandal 0

Vox: The “natural” label on your food is baloney 0

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WaPo: Blogging gave us everything we love — and hate — about the Web 17

WaPo: All your memes are belong to us 11

WaPo: Someone is wrong on the Internet. That’s where I come in. 9

WaPo: The dirty little secret of central banking 0

WaPo: From Jill Stein, disturbing echoes of Ralph Nader 0

WaPo: Hillary’s heel 0

WaPo: China’s rise presents a dillemma for Australia 0

Politico: Mike Pence, mystery customer 1

Politico: BuzzFeed reorganizes around video 20

Politico: Bayh screws up Indiana address during local interview 0

Politico: Pence demands independent prosecutor to investigate Clinton 0

Politico: House Homeland Security staffer faces tax charges 0

Politico: Gary Johnson: Trump is a fascist 0

Politico: Clinton asks Romney’s allies for cash to stop Trump 1

Politico: Obama’s immigration critics say he’s no Trump 1

Politico: Obama tries to push aside politics in Louisiana disaster 0

Vox: The Zika virus in Florida, explained in 600 words 1

Vox: The Louisiana floods are devastating, and climate change will bring more like them. We’re not ready. 42

Vox: Zika is spreading in Florida. Here are 9 facts to calm you down. 13

Vox: Presidential debates 2016: schedule and what to expect 0

Vox: Watch: Stephen Colbert says everything you wish you could say to Ryan Lochte 2

Vox: EpiPen’s 400 percent price hike tells us a lot about what’s wrong with American health care 11

Vox: The Olympics left Rio with a few improvements. And a frightening police violence problem. 0

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Vox: What it will take to make Silicon Valley affordable again 3

Vox: How letting grad students unionize could change the labor movement and college sports 1

Vox: How a Donald Trump loss may undermine right-wing populism in the US 0

NYT: Hillary Health Shocker! 0

NRO: Steve Bannon’s New Business Venture 0

NRO: Priebus Must Go 0

NRO: Trump: ‘Obama Got Tremendous Numbers of People Out of the Country.’ 0

NRO: Those Wacky, Carbon-Tax-Backing, ‘Guns-Are-WMDs’ Libertarians 0

NRO: VIDEO: The Clintons Are Corruption Defined 0

NRO: Panglossing the Robots 0

NRO: The GOP’s Deluded Nationalists 0

New Yorker: Ted Cruz Is Still Running for President 4

New Yorker: A Darker Presence 8

Bloomberg: Signs on the Road to Peak Auto 1

Bloomberg: Trump Never Really Had an Immigration Policy 1

Bloomberg: The Illusion of Lagging Productivity 0

Bloomberg: Apollo Paid Itself Some Fees and Gave Itself Some Loans 3

Bloomberg: Two Liberal Judges Take a Stand Against Tenure 1

Bloomberg: Robbing the New (Uber) to Subsidize the Old (Taxis) 1


Drudge: Tinderbox at the GATES... 4

Politico: Trump gets more serious about battleground states 0

Politico: McAuliffe says ex-felon voters not likely to boost Clinton 0

Politico: Poll: Trump, Clinton knotted in Missouri 0

NYT: Why America’s Leadership Fails 0

WaPo: Reactions to Hillary’s emails are as predictable as the seasons 0

Mother Jones: The Trump Files: How Donald Tried To Hide His Legal Troubles to Get His Casino Approved 0

Mother Jones: Why America Needs a National Lynching Memorial 0

Commentary: The Future Danger of the Ransom 0

Commentary: Trump’s False Outreach 0

TNR: Election Demons 0

TNR: Donald Trump’s Pathetic Pitch to Minority Groups 6

TNR: Grierson and Leitch Episode 30: War Dogs, Lo and Behold, and Breaking Away 0

WaPo: If all your friends in Britain jumped off a cliff, would you too? 0

WaPo: Does the United States face a new Tripartite Pact? 0

WaPo: Stop calling Nate Parker a rapist 0

Bloomberg: Welfare Reform, the Bipartisan Success Story 1

Bloomberg: Phony War on Voter Fraud Looks Even Phonier 0

Bloomberg: Hedge Fund Fees and the Bull-Market Blues 0

Bloomberg: Hedge Fund Fees and the Bull-Market Blues 0

Bloomberg: Money Stuff: Boredom, Yield and Paper 0

Bloomberg: Boredom, Yield and Paper 0

Bloomberg: The Donald and the Hillary 1

Bloomberg: The Slow Fade of the Angry White Male 5

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Politico: Poll: Clinton opens up 16-point lead in Virginia 1

Politico: Anti-Trump operatives targeted in online ‘catfishing’ scheme 2

Politico: Trump Is Already Helping Putin Consolidate Control of Ukraine 9

NYT: Op-Ed Contributor: The Day Peruvian Women Rebelled 0

NYT: Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Turkey’s Great Purge 0

NYT: Op-Ed Contributor: Kenya’s Gold Medal for Corruption 0

Commentary: He’s Pivoting! No, He’s Not! 0

Commentary: Hillary Scraps Her Worst Pander 0

Commentary: The Pickle Jar Test Isn’t Enough 0

Quartz: Better-educated women pay a steeper price for motherhood 14

Quartz: Trump says he’ll make inner cities safer for minorities by putting “tougher” cops in charge 2

Quartz: The world’s newest billionaires are two Indian brothers who founded a tech company in their teens 2

Quartz: The best way to sink Kobe Bryant’s new $100 million fund would be to invest in sports 7

Quartz: The best 100 films of the 21st century, according to 177 film critics around the world 1

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Drudge: Hillary & Huma: Many Troubling Questions... 7



NRO: Krauthammer’s Take: Clinton Selling Access ‘May Not Be Illegal but It’s Damning’ 0

WSJ: If Trump Loses, Can the GOP Survive? 0

WSJ: Clinton Incorporated 0

NYT: Taking Note: Are Trump and Clinton Healthy? 0

NYT: Letters: Obama’s Use of Executive Orders, to Bypass Gridlock 0

NYT: Letter: The Bias in ‘Broken Windows’ 0

NYT: Letter: Unpaid Bills in Illinois 0

NYT: Letters: Let’s Commiserate About Verizon 0

NYT: Editorial: After Louisiana, Preparing for the Next Storm 0

NYT: Op-Ed Columnist: Hillary Health Shocker! 0

Vox: Vox Sentences: How did an EpiPen get to costing $600? 0


WSJ: How to Repel a Bear---Or Not 1

NYT: Op-Ed Contributor: Why the TPP Deal Won’t Improve Our Security 0

NYT: Fixes: Putting the Power of Self-Knowledge to Work 0

NYT: Editorial: A More Egalitarian Approach to Locavore Eating 0

NYT: Sporting: How Boxing Got Me to Face My Fears 0

NYT: Op-Ed Contributor: How Airbnb Can Fight Racial Discrimination 0

NYT: Editorial: The Fake $400 Million Iran ‘Ransom’ Story 0

NYT: Op-Ed Columnist: Why America’s Leadership Fails 0

NYT: Contributing Op-Ed Writer: Hillary Clinton Wants to Be Your Facebook Friend 0

TNR: Stranger Women 0

TNR: Where No Miner Has Gone Before 31

TNR: The Fog of Unknowing 0

Quartz: Man-made “wind trees” will finally make it possible to power homes using turbines 3

Quartz: Britain’s world-beating cycling team owes its success to a World War Two management technique that helped rebuild Japan 1

Quartz: The maker of a high-priced Hepatitis C cure used shell companies to avoid billions in taxes 13

Quartz: As casual gamers move to mobile, Facebook eyes the hardcore crowd 0

Quartz: What does social science say about how Hillary Clinton might lead? 0

Quartz: Gawker had its problems, but its death is worrying for all watchdog journalists 2

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Quartz: One of the poorest countries in the EU could be its next tech-startup hub 3

Quartz: Google is using AI to compress photos, just like on HBO’s Silicon Valley 0

Quartz: Millennials are only saving more because employers are giving them less 1

Quartz: The 2020 Tokyo Olympic medals could be made of discarded electronics 0

Quartz: The pills that may have killed Prince appear to have been copies of a drug discontinued in 2013 0

WSJ: The Robots Are Coming. Welcome Them 132

WSJ: Hillary and Bill Clinton, Inc. 11

WSJ: Chris and Barney Take on MetLife 5

WSJ: Students Lose, Liberals Elated 2

Bloomberg: The Bright Side of the Urban Housing Crunch 0

Bloomberg: Brexit Delay Risks Triggering a Shotgun Divorce 7

Bloomberg: The Bright Side of Being Priced Out of New York 0

Bloomberg: Health Care Is a Business, Not a Right 38

Bloomberg: Stop Boycotting Boycotters 1

Federalist: Don’t Let Sweaty People Take Everyone Else’s Air Conditioning Away 0

Federalist: Our Abortion Culture Steals The Grief Of Miscarriage 0

Federalist: What Trump’s Primary Vote Numbers Really Mean 0

Federalist: Sean Hannity Is Donald Trump’s Billy Mays 0

Federalist: Why It’s So Hard To Prosecute Islamists And Keep A Free Society 0

Federalist: Politico’s Attack On GOP Candidate Shows What’s Wrong With Media 0

Federalist: The Battle For The GOP’s Foreign Policy Soul 0

Federalist: Report Debunks ‘Born That Way’ Narrative And ‘Transgender’ Label For Kids 0

Federalist: Have Lots Of Children. It’s Good For The Planet 0

Federalist: The White Working Class Needs Cultural Renewal, Not Empty Promises 0

Vox: No one was held responsible for Freddie Gray’s death. Now the officers are getting cash. 0

Vox: "Wine. Immediately." The depressing reason so many women today drink. 0

NRO: Tuesday links 0

Drudge: College hosts blacks-only student retreat... 3

Drudge: FURY... 1


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NYT: Heng: Heng on the Philippines’ President and His War on Drugs 0

NYT: Download: Dominique Perrault 0

NYT: Letter: A Shadowed Climate Watcher 0

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NYT: Room for Debate: Hospitals That Feel Like Hotels 17

NYT: Letter: Grant Visas to Afghans 0

NYT: Letter: What Food Studies Show 0

NYT: Letters: The Deluge After Donald Trump 0

NYT: Letter: My Dream Double Bill 0

NYT: Editorial: First Step in Shutting Private Prisons 0

NYT: Op-Ed Contributor: Can Thailand Really Hide a Rebellion? 0

NYT: Editorial: Governor Hobbles Voting Reform in Illinois 0

NYT: Disability: Becoming Disabled 0

NYT: Editorial: Dodging Accountability at the United Nations 0

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NYT: Op-Ed Contributor: Why Hillary Clinton Might Win Georgia 0

NYT: Op-Ed Columnist: Trump’s Hollow ‘Regrets’ 0

NYT: Op-Ed Columnist: My Daughter the Pole 0

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WaPo: Universities shouldn’t be exempt from D.C. property taxes 3

WaPo: The U.N. finally owns up to its role in Haiti’s cholera outbreak 0

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WaPo: Extreme weather like the Louisiana floods should serve as a warning 2

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WaPo: Biden needs to give Turkey’s Erdogan some tough advice 11

WaPo: Don’t fall for Trump’s pivot toward ‘humane’ immigration policies 37

NYT: Why Blacks Loathe Trump 0

NYT: The Pull of Racial Patronage 0

NYT: France Has the Burkini Blues 0

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NYT: This Land Is My Land (And Yours, Too!) 0

NYT: The Virtues of Reality 0

NYT: Trump’s Hollow ‘Regrets’ 0

NYT: An Open Letter From Mr. Trump 0

NYT: My Daughter the Pole 0

TNR: “An Utter Failure”: Joseph Stiglitz on the Euro and Europe’s Uncertain Future 156

TNR: Grierson & Leitch Episode 30: Ain’t No Party Like a Sausage Party 0

TNR: Trump’s Media Empire Takes Shape 18

TNR: Primary Concerns Episode 25: What Will Bernie’s Legacy Be? 0

TNR: The Anti-Democratic Urge 2

TNR: What Will Bernie’s Legacy Be? 0

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TNR: The Never-Ending Battle for Obamacare 7

TNR: The Journalist and the Voyeur 1

TNR: Donald Trump Is a Terrible Politician 4

TNR: War Dogs: An Iraq War Satire Without the Bite 0

TNR: Trump’s Train Considers a Scary Thought: He Might Lose 200

TNR: How Conservative Media Can Save Itself in the Age of Trump 0

TNR: Is Big Marijuana Inevitable? 10

TNR: The Heinous Olympification of Seoul 0

TNR: The Stolen War 20

TNR: Why “Obama’s Katrina” Never Sticks But Won’t Die 0

TNR: Donald Trump’s Extremely Sick Campaign 1

TNR: The Racist Roots of Welfare Reform 8

TNR: Lo and Behold: Navigating the World Wide Werner 0

Mother Jones: Voting Should Be Easier—But Not Like This 3

Mother Jones: These Migrant Moms Are on Hunger Strike to Protest Being Locked Up Indefinitely 0

Mother Jones: Boy in the Ambulance: Haunting Image of Syrian Child Shows Horrors of Civil War 1

Mother Jones: Justice Department Plans to Stop Using Private Prisons 21

Mother Jones: Paul Manafort Resigns From Trump Campaign 0

Mother Jones: American Women Are Still Dying in Childbirth at Alarming Rates 4

Mother Jones: Planned Parenthood Wins in a Florida Court 0

Mother Jones: Hey Yahoo, Barack Obama Is Not the Founder of ISIS 0

Mother Jones: A Federal Judge Just Stopped Trans Students From Using the Bathrooms of Their Choice 1

NYT: Is Our Country as Good as Our Athletes Are? 0

David Brooks: The Great Affluence Fallacy 0

Federalist: Brendan Dassey May Be Innocent, But Steven Avery Is Still Guilty As Sin 0

Federalist: If Libertarians Want To Be Relevant, Maybe They Should Focus On Promoting Liberty 0

Federalist: Stop Blaming Trump For The Disaster Obama Made Of Syria 0

Federalist: The Political And Cultural Plight Against Small Family Farming 0

Federalist: The Literary Inspiration Behind ‘Stranger Things’ 0

Federalist: Don’t Read ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ 0

Federalist: This Video Shows Why There’s No Such Thing As ‘Common Sense’ Gun Control 2

Federalist: 9 Signs You Shake Hands Like A Girl 0

Federalist: Why Wizard World Will Regret Banning Fake Guns 0

Federalist: Your Grocery Bill And Health Will Thank You For Hunting This Fall 0

Federalist: 153 Conservative Academics Come Out Of The Closet 0

Federalist: 14 Attacks On Trump That Fit Hillary Clinton And Barack Obama 0

Federalist: Arianna Huffington Strives To ‘Thrive’ On Women’s Dissatisfaction 0

Federalist: Hillary Clinton’s Religion Contradicts Her Abortion Stance 0

Federalist: Norman Rockwell Explains Why Olympian Kim Rhode Can’t Get Traction 4

Federalist: The Coming Free Speech Apocalypse 1

Federalist: State Department Won’t Release 15,000 Newly Discovered Hillary Clinton E-mails Until After Election 0

Federalist: Donald Trump Is 2016’s Andrew Dice Clay 0

Federalist: Podcast: NFL Previews And Your Best 2016 Fantasy Football Picks 0

Federalist: New Emails: Hillary’s Right-Hand Woman Did Favors For Clinton Foundation Donors 1

Vox: Amber Heard did what abuse victims are “supposed” to do. People still didn’t believe her. 2

Vox: Hillary Clinton will likely have a unique chance to remake the federal judiciary 1

Vox: In the 2016 election, campaign messages matter 0

Vox: I went to Italy to eat, and learned an ugly truth about the Italian diet 12

Vox: John Oliver’s advice to Donald Trump: “drop out” 1

Vox: Milwaukee police shooting of Sylville Smith: riots and protests erupt after cop kills black man 0

Vox: Virginia’s governor wants to give 200,000 ex-prisoners the right to vote. Republicans don’t. 1

Vox: Donald Trump and immigration, explained 1

Vox: Scaling back the Clinton Foundation is another sign Hillary has learned since last time 2

Vox: Lillie Harden was Bill Clinton’s welfare reform success story. Welfare reform failed her. 2

Vox: Police body cameras, explained 22

Vox: Vox Sentences: A suicide attack at a wedding in Turkey further scrambles Syria’s war 0

Vox: Watch the climate debate devolve into nonsense in the 10 years since An Inconvenient Truth 3

Vox: No one was held responsible for Freddie Gray’s death. Now the officers are getting cash. 0

Bloomberg: A Cure for Brexit Paralysis 5

Bloomberg: Fighting Fraud in Chinese Markets 0

Bloomberg: Fighting Fraud in Chinese Markets 1

Bloomberg: Money-Market Funds Should Tell the Truth 44

Bloomberg: A New Strategy for Climate Change? Retreat 6

Bloomberg: Mirror Trades and Tax Tricks 0

Bloomberg: So What If New York Is Unaffordable? That Helps the U.S. 51

Bloomberg: Scrambling for Yield and Black Swan Elections 0

Bloomberg: Scrambling for Yield and Black Swan Elections 8

Bloomberg: Money Stuff: Mirror Trades and Tax Tricks 0

Bloomberg: Jeff Gramm and the Making of an Activist 0

Bloomberg: The Age of the Never-Ending Performance Review 57

Bloomberg: Transgender Rights Lose One Round to Religious Rights 2

Drudge: Hundreds Of CA Kids Sent Home From School Due To New Vaccination Law... 0


Drudge: Massive WALMART Brawl... 0

Drudge: Judge blocks Obama rules on trans bathrooms... 11

Drudge: Donors given access... 71

Drudge: FBI uncovered 15,000 MORE emails.. 318

Drudge: Robot brothels... 4



Drudge: FURY... 119


Drudge: NYT Tech Calls on GOOGLE to Hide Medical Info... 72

Drudge: GIULIANI: I Think Hillary Looks Tired... SHE LOOKS SICK! 3

Commentary: The Clinton Foundation Under the Bus 0

Commentary: The Forgotten Flood 0

Commentary: What Will History Say About Aleppo? 1

Commentary: Turkey and the Shameful Media 0

Commentary: What the Left Will Owe to the Populist Right 0

Commentary: Trump Being Trump May Sink the GOP 0

Commentary: Paul Manafort Wasn’t the Problem 0

Commentary: How the UN Enables Massacres 0

Commentary: The Poles and the Death Camps 0

Commentary: The Crushing Guilt of Our Inaction 0

Commentary: Clinton’s Ticking Time Bomb 0

Commentary: One Lie Too Many for Hillary? 0

Mother Jones: Here’s How Ferguson Has Kept Blacks off the Local School Board 0

The Nation: The Working Families Party Gives an Eyes-Wide-Open Endorsement to Hillary Clinton 0

The Nation: Why Is the Obama Administration Keeping Toddlers Behind Bars? 7

The Nation: The Woman Behind Trump 0

The Nation: Meet the ‘Feminists’ Doing the Koch Brothers’ Dirty Work 0

The Nation: Ryan Lochte Is One of Many Privileged First-World Tourists—and Brazilians Are Fed Up 9

The Nation: Trump’s Speech on Terrorism Was an Inexcusable Exercise in Scapegoating and Scaremongering 0

The Nation: Voters Are Ready to Punish Pro-Gun Politicians. There’s Just One Problem. 0

The Nation: Inequality Has Gotten So Bad That We’re Offshoring Our Grandparents 8

The Nation: The Justice Department Will End All Federal Private Prisons, Following a ‘Nation’ Investigation 11

The Nation: This Town Is Sick of Drinking Polluted Water 3

The Nation: Krista Tippett: Speaking of Faith 0

The Nation: What the Climate Movement Can Learn from the Neoliberal Coup 0

The Nation: This Is Why I Come to Work Every Day 0

The Nation: ‘Hot Sauce in Her Bag’: A Poem for Hillary Clinton 0

The Nation: Do the Olympics Actually Make the World Less Healthy? 7

The Nation: Why Are There So Many Women in Jail? 6

The Nation: Jill Stein Should Be Part of a 4-Way Presidential Debate 2

The Nation: Should We Trust the Republicans Who Published a Letter Denouncing Trump? 0

The Nation: Now That the Games Are Over, the Real Olympic Drama Begins in Rio 0

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New Yorker: An Infrastructure Proposal That Goes Beyond Clinton and Trump 118

New Yorker: What Do People Mean When They Say Donald Trump Is Racist? 1

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New Yorker: Why Brazilians Are So Obsessed with the Ryan Lochte Story 843

New Yorker: What Are Donald Trump, Roger Ailes, and Steve Bannon Really Up To? 295

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New Yorker: The Babies Are Dying in Aleppo 392

New Yorker: America’s Overperforming Olympic Distance Runners 6

New Yorker: Trump’s Anti-Science Campaign 98

New Yorker: The Moscow Laundromat 879

NRO: Monday links 0

NRO: Mad Men: Remaking the Past 0

NRO: Is This Election Trump vs. Hillary or Trump vs. the Media? 0

NRO: Fail U. Earns ‘A’ 12

NRO: Kellyanne 0

NRO: Two Women, Two Views 0

NRO: The End of the Deportation Force? 0

NRO: Steve Bannon’s New Business Venture 0

NRO: How to Defeat the Terrorists: Step One 0

NRO: What Is Trump Doing to Court Hispanic Voters? 0

NRO: ‘FBI uncovers 14,900 more documents in Clinton email probe’ 0

NRO: The Pivot 0

NRO: Massachusetts’s Shakedown of Uber and Lyft 0

NRO: Juncker: Jeux Sans Frontières 0

NRO: Does the Truth Matter? 0

Politico: Trump doubles down on deportations 0

Politico: Melania Trump taking legal action against Daily Mail for defamation 2

Politico: ‘No time to read ... I want it short’: Best of Washington Post’s forthcoming Trump book 1

Drudge: Clinton faces late summer scandal wave 9

Politico: State Dept. ordered to review 15,000 Clinton emails for potential release 2

Politico: John Kasich to gather top New Hampshire supporters 0

Politico: Ohio poll: Portman leads for Senate despite Trump deficit 0

Politico: New emails show Clinton aide setting up meeting with major foundation donor 5

Politico: Bush Institute founding director endorses Clinton 0

Politico: Pence unleashes new attack on Clinton in Iowa 0

Politico: Obama to skip Clinton Global Initiative 3

Politico: RNC ready to reelect Reince Priebus 1

Politico: Trump calls for special prosecutor for Clinton 3

Politico: How Zika could change the politics of late-term abortion 0

Politico: The 5 Most Dangerous Conspiracy Theories of 2016 2

Politico: Trump’s red-state tour 0

Quartz: The last country to abolish slavery is jailing its anti-slavery activists 2

Quartz: H&M reportedly used garment factories that worked teens for 12-hour shifts 3

Quartz: The Clinton campaign is already assuming victory in two key battleground states 3

Quartz: Ryan Lochte’s Rio mugging story has already cost him all his major endorsements 0

Quartz: Denmark has figured out how to teach kids empathy and make them happier adults 7

Quartz: Two Irish women have live-tweeted their journey to seek abortions in England 0

Quartz: Militants have finally declared a ceasefire in Nigeria’s oil-rich delta region 1

Quartz: Ramen noodles have become a crucial currency in prisons 4

Quartz: Target has dumped one of India’s biggest textile companies because of fake bed sheets 4

Quartz: What happens to Olympic venues when the games are over? 0

Quartz: Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment trial is snapping Brazil back to post-Olympics reality 2

Quartz: Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe granted voting rights to 13,000 ex-felons—again 1

WSJ: Trump and the Flood 3

WSJ: Regulation vs. The American People 54

WSJ: Humans: Unsafe at Any Speed 72

WSJ: The College Republicans Divide Over Trump 0

WSJ: Is That Libidinous Latina Taco Gay or Bi? 0

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